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Kerio Technologies Launches New Asterisk-based IP-PBX

Keriokerio-operator-box-appliance-1210.jpg Technologies, a company established in 1997, is launching a new Asterisk-based PBX today. They are announcing Kerio Operator 1.1, an IP-PBX that is designed to be easy-to-use and targeting the SMB space. Kerio Technologies has 180 employees and is best known as a Microsoft Exchange Server alternative. I spoke with Kerio Technologies last week to find out more about this Asterisk-based offering.

They explained that Kerio Operator 1.1 features integrated security, including protection against SIP password guessing and can block IP addresses that fail SIP authentication automatically based on criteria you specify. Kerio also told me they support auto-provisioning of Polycom, snom, Linksys, and Cisco phones. They’re currently working on adding auto-provisioning for Aastra phones. According to Kerio Technologies, “The key to Kerio Operator 1.1’s simplicity for administrators is the intuitive web-based GUI, which has advanced drag and drop capabilities for interface configuration, contextual help, and a configuration assistant. As with other Kerio products, the system can be configured and managed remotely from within an Internet browser.”

Kerio Operator 1.1 is available as both a software appliance or hardware box. One key feature is that you can have multiple SIP registrations to the same extension. Thus, your desktop phone, softphone client on your laptop, and a SIP softphone on your mobile phone, such as CounterPath’s Bria, can all register to the IP-PBX simultaneously.

Check out the user-friendly Admin UI: [click for larger view]

Other key features include:

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