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Savannah Business Journal: Popular POS (Point of Sale) Technology Comes to Savannah

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Aug. 8, 2011 – Five local restaurants are now using the latest restaurant POS technology available through One Stop I.T with more in the works. Last week curious restaurant owners and enthusiasts turned out at the One Stop I.T. office on 41st Street to demo the Restaurant Manager POS system. Attendees were especially interested in the wireless handheld POS device. The software is specially designed to run on an iPOD/iPAD platform and is a big selling point according to One Stop I.T. owner, Olivier Jouffrault.

“The ability to take orders and payments tableside saves servers a trip to the POS station. That can save 5-10 minutes per table which makes a big difference in a busy restaurant,” he said.

The Restaurant Manager POS system has been around for more than 25 years and is popular worldwide but is new to the Savannah market. One Stop I.T. became the Lowcountry licensed dealer earlier this year and has had a lot of interest from local restaurants.

“There are only a handful of POS products that are locally supported,” said Jouffrault, “So we get at least a few calls a week from restaurants who have heard of Restaurant Manager and are excited to see it.”

Restaurant Manager is already being used by five local restaurants including McDonoughs, Billy’s Place, Brasserie 529, Green Truck Pub, and the Royal Cinema Grille in Pooler, with more slated to start using it later this year.

When asked about his decision process in choosing a POS, Josh Yates, owner of the popular Green Truck Pub said, “I demo’d a bunch of POS products and Restaurant Manager was a clear winner” He also liked the fact that there was a local dealer here in Savannah to provide installation training and service.

Other restaurant owners cited the ability to customize the software to meet their needs and the value of features for the price. As John Roelle, owner of the new French inspired Brasserie 529 put it “the price point, the programming, the easiness to use – just the all around good package.”

A POS or point of sale is the computer system that keeps a restaurant running smoothly. It controls the flow of customer orders between the servers, bartender and kitchen and allows managers and owners to manage inventory and financial data as well as create reports showing customer ordering trends, server behavior and other information critical to making decisions.

Restaurant Manager offers all of the standard features available in other high end POS products but has several differentiating features that have made it a compelling choice for the five Savannah restaurants who are now using it.

• 24/7 support from One Stop I.T.

• Wireless handheld POS device, which is the only POS technology designed exclusively for a handheld device and works on the iPOD/iPAD platform.

• Online ordering which integrates the restaurant’s Web site with the POS system

• Real time alerts that keep owners updated through text messages or e-mails.

Yates of Green Truck is a fan of the real time alerts and says “We get to audit all of our servers’ button presses – whatever they delete, whatever they comp, whatever they void and so keeping a track on that, setting an alert when those levels go too high.”