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Veri Beri Frozen Yogurt opens with Restaurant Manager POS

One Stop I.T. provides all technology and POS system for new Southside Frozen Yogurt Shop

September 6, 2011 – Frozen Yogurt is catching on in a big way in Savannah.  And One Stop I.T. has quickly become a
favored I.T. provider for many of the Savannah frozen Yogurt shops.  Last week, Veri Beri Frozen Yogurt, located
in Berwick Plantation off Highway 17 opened its doors to the public.  In the weeks leading up to its grand opening,
One Stop I.T. oversaw the technology fit-out including cabling, networking of
ceiling speakers, TV, multimedia center, installing video surveillance and
providing the custom built POS interface for its Restaurant Manager POS System
as well as training all of its employees.

Veri Beri
is owned by Chris and Laurie Banks, who both made 180 degree turns in their
careers to open the frozen yogurt shop.
Chris was in banking and finance for over 25 years, while Laurie was a
highly educated software developer.  They
both jumped at the new opportunity and Laurie was able to show off her interior
design skills in making the decorating decisions for the new shop.

Veri Beri
joins six other Savannah Restaurants in using the Restaurant Manager POS system
and will be the second frozen yogurt shop to use the system once Island of Yo
opens later this month in Sandfly.
Restaurant Manger is known for its intuitive interface and ease of use,
making it a natural fit for new owners and restaurants with part time
employees.  At Veri Beri, after just one
hour of training, Chris and Laurie Banks were taking orders and using manager
features on Restaurant Manager.

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information about Veri Beri Frozen Yogurt visit

One Stop
I.T. is offers small businesses and restaurants a ‘one stop shop’ for all
technology services including phone systems, T1 connection, networking and
cabling, surveillance systems, Managed I.T. services, POS products and
more.   They are the licensed dealer for
Restaurant Manager POS Systems in the Low Country.  For more information contact Olivier
Jouffrault at 912-257-4030, or visit