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Online Ordering

Fully Integrated Online Ordering to Grow  Revenue and Reach More Customers

Overview & Benefits

Take advantage of the current ordering wave and associated profits! Restaurant Manager’s fully-integrated Online Ordering module can increase revenue without increasing staff.




With Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering for restaurants you can:

  • INCREASE REVENUE: Allow customers to place advance orders 24/7 without paying an order taker effectively giving you a 24/7 operation. When offered the convenience of Online Ordering many customers will place orders more frequently generating more revenue!
  • REDUCE ORDER ERRORS: Eliminate ordering errors due to miss-communication reducing both waste and costs.
  • BOOST THE AVERAGE CHECK: Implement suggestive selling to promote high margin items resulting in higher check averages and increased profits. Online orders can be 15% – 20% higher than typical phone in orders!
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY: Easily maintain menus and track results through one interface. There’s no new software to learn and you’ll have ONE point of contact for both your POS and Online Ordering.
  • IMPROVE LABOR ALLOCATION: Increase revenue without an increase in staff freeing up resources that typically need to take phone calls and manually enter orders to tend to other matters.
  • REACH MORE CUSTOMERS: Our email marketing services allow you to promote your establishment’s Online Ordering capabilities through HTML emails to existing and potential customers.

Our Online Ordering solution has all the features you need to grow your business and bottom line.  We also offer email marketing capabilities – a critical component to helping you reach and drive more customers to your website.  Once you’ve reviewed what we can do, you can decide which package is right for your business.