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MICROS 101 FAQ: Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence

Will you still have to pay Oracle/MICROS for support or licenses?
It is in the best interest for all merchants to be paying Software Upgrade License (SUL) to Oracle MICROS, as it not only makes their future upgrade paths easier and more affordable, but also provides inclusive support by Oracle. If merchants do not continue to pay this and become “rogue” accounts, the Return to Service/Support (RTS) can become expensive. The benefit of moving over to Shift4’s full acquiring offering is that the merchants will be getting support at no additional charge from the MICROS Center of Excellence.

Does Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence provide MICROS software updates at no cost to the merchant using Shift4 full acquiring?
Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence will install the Shift4 EMV solution on the current setup of the MICROS hardware and software at your restaurant location. If there is an issue with any existing hardware or software that impacts Shift4’s payment solution, we can resolve this and take the necessary means to get the MICROS hardware and software working with our EMV solution. You should continue to pay their Oracle SUL, as that not only keeps them in good standing to conduct future upgrades, but it also ensures inclusive support from Oracle.

Does Shift4’s MICROS solutions support Cash Discount/Advantage Program?
Yes. Shift4’s Cash Discount/Advantage Program works on MICROS accounts.

Does Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence have on-site support in every state?
Yes. Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence will handle all Shift4 installations and tech services. The MICROS Center of Excellence will work with each restaurant to schedule the installation and get the Shift4 solution installed, no matter where the restaurant is located.

Will you have to pay Shift4 anything for support through the MICROS Center of Excellence?
During the implementation process, if Shift4 finds that there is an issue with the merchant’s MICROS hardware, we will assist you to go through any troubleshooting necessary to identify and rectify the issue. If Shift4 deems the issue being the pointof-sale (POS) hardware (e.g., MICROS workstation, printer, etc.), we will determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not to bill you for a replacement. You may currently be paying SUL to Oracle and potentially support with another MICROS dealer, but there will be no additional costs coming from the MICROS Center of Excellence.

If you has broken printers, etc., does part of support involve selling them equipment?
Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence will provide support for hardware and software from both Shift4 and MICROS. While troubleshooting MICROS hardware over the phone with you, if it is determined the hardware is in need of a swap, Shift4 Payments will address any related costs on a case-by-case basis.

Does the $600-$2,000 reprogramming fee that MICROS used to charge restaurants apply for merchants signing under Shift4’s program?

No. Since Shift4 Payments will be handling all of the reprogramming, there is nothing that Oracle MICROS would have to charge to get the merchant converted from its current payment solution to Shift4’s. The conversion of your restaurant’s payment system does not include any reprogramming of the your menu, pricing, routing of printers, etc. 

If you have used a local dealer for support in the past and pays a fee, can you just cancel support with the local dealer and use the MICROS Center of Excellence instead for free?
The support will be of no additional cost to your restaurant. You can still maintain relationships with local dealers should you so choose and continue to pay support to them. However, it is solely up to you to decide if they want to end the relationship with that dealer and use Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence for support.

Can we sell MICROS systems as well?
Ideally, if you are looking for a new POS solution, we would recommend one of our in-house brands. However, in a scenario where you are interested in purchasing a new MICROS system, Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence can facilitate the sale,installation, and training of a new MICROS system.

What is the minimum version of MICROS software/hardware the merchant needs?
Shift4 Payments has created an EMV solution that works on all MICROS products out in the field today. Shift4 has many former MICROS employees who were part of the creation of Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) and have provided the market with a Bridge solution that gets each merchant EMV, P2PE, and tokenization, regardless of which interface they use. If there is any friction when installing the Shift4 EMV solution, the MICROS Center of Excellence will handle addressing these matters on a case-by-case basis.

Where did the Shift4 MICROS Center of Excellence come from?
Shift4 Payments recently made an acquisition of the largest reseller and independent servicer of Oracle MICROS food and beverage software. This new entity within the Shift4 ecosystem provides an unparalleled expertise and scale in supporting Oracle MICROS customers. Shift4’s MICROS Center of Excellence allows us to board MICROS customers onto our end-to-end acquiring solution in a “fire and forget” manner. Shift4’s distribution partners are now empowered to sign MICROS customer accounts and leverage the MICROS Center of Excellence’s expertise to handle all aspects of installation, service, and support.

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