The restaurant business is changing every day and the biggest factor that fuels this change is technology.  We’re now in the age of prioritizing privacy and security. Restaurants now have to compete not just in the quality of food and ambiance, but also meeting the needs of customers splitting checks multiple ways digitally, securely, and expediently. Thankfully, SkyTab pay at the table is here.

The Tables Have Turned

At One Stop I.T., we get the most enjoyment out of seeing our clients follow up to share how much of an impact our POS systems have had on their operational efficiency. Everything begins and ends with internal processes and SkyTab pay at the table will revolutionize your operations.  This all begins with the most common on sense.

The faster people can pay, the faster they leave happy and the sooner a new party fills that table. The core time savings in this situation is the fact that you’ve eliminated the following archaic practice:

  1. Deliver the check to your customers
  2. Grab the credit cards and most likely spend time hearing how the check is split among the party
  3. Walk from the table across the restaurant to the POS system and process the card(s)
  4. Wait for the POS System to process receipts
  5. Walk from the POS System to your customers with your paper receipts to be signed
  6. Once the customers are done, grab one or more slips on the table and then input the tip amounts into the final transactions

Time is Always Money

The truth is, this process is overwhelming enough when observed in isolation. It’s actually soul-crushing when you consider that it’s multiplied dozens or even hundreds of times over the course of a day of operations. Integrating pay at the table customer service will have an immediate and profound effect on your ability to get satisfied customers in and out quicker.

Happy Customers, Happy Employees

The operational efficiency gained from allowing customers to pay at their table won’t just improve the speed of service but also result in better employee morale. This of course cycles back into the quality of customer service turned back to the customer. Serving customers is physically exhausting on the best of days so eliminating unneeded walking won’t go unappreciated.

Reduced Server Liability

One less direct benefit of reduced steps per day is eliminating the liability of some busy servers crossing paths with arms full of entrees/drinks with other busy servers moving with checks in-hand. Removing unnecessary movement by servers opens up your restaurant floor for customers to move and removes opportunities for servers colliding as they serve their customers.

Take Control of Your Growth

All of these SkyTab pay at the table features provide you with the power to control the health of your business like never before. The only limitation is your reluctance to adapt to what customers are now expecting when they’re served. Chances are, your competitors already have.

We’re proud to provide SkyTab for free when you get set up with any of our Restaurant Manager POS systems. If you’re interested you can fill out the form below and we’ll provide you with the following:


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