SaaS Contract Terms & Conditions


  • SAAS Contract Term:


  1. SAAS is an acronym for System As A Subscription.  
  2. The initial SAAS contract minimum commitment term is 36 months. 
  3. After the initial 36-month commitment, SAAS contracts automatically renew on a 12-month term basis unless a 30-day written termination notice is provided to One Stop I.T..
  4. A UCC lien is filed on all SAAS contract hardware supplied by One Stop I.T.. The UCC lien will be removed after the SAAS contract term completion and payment-in-full, including Early Termination Fee as defined in Section ‘D’ below, is received.


  • Programming, Training & Installation:


  1. Programming P.O.S. system functions & standard menu items is a $500 fee.
  2. Training & installation is a $1,000 ($500/day with a 2-day minimum) fee.
  3. Networking cable, cable installation and Internet is not included. 


  • Credit Card Processing:


  1. Restaurant Manager’s credit card processing (aka: RM Payments) is required. 
  2. RM Payments includes EMV readers, Shift4’s gateway access and remote support. 
  3. Circumventing RM Payments integrated credit card processing is a breach of the SAAS contract. In such a case, One Stop I.T. retains the right to shut down the Restaurant Manager P.O.S. system, charge a Shift4 monthly gateway access fee or enforce a SAAS contract early termination as described in Terms & Conditions, Section D. 


  • Early Termination Fee:


  1. Authorized Buyer agrees to the SAAS contract Early Termination Fee conditions: 
  1. Pay an early termination fee (aka: ETF) which is calculated by multiplying the SAAS monthly fee by the remaining number of months of the most current SAAS contract – the initial 36-month term or each subsequent 12-month renewal term.
  2. The Early Termination Fee is due within 10 business days of written notification of termination.      


  • Support Agreement:


  1. Premium Support is provided with your SAAS contract by One Stop I.T. at no additional charge for the term of the subscription.  
  2. Please note that onsite support is not included for sites located outside of GA and select markets in SC and FL.  These sites will receive remote assistance via phone & internet. Hardware will be shipped as required at no additional charge. 
  3. Please refer to the annual support agreement documentation for additional details.
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