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Before Restaurant Manager: “It was difficult/cumbersome to make edits to menu items. The system was very layered and quite opaque, lots of steps to change item names, numbers, prices. No graphic interface with respect to restaurant layout, quite difficult to ascertain table assignments. The setup for server inputs (server names) required no security rights; anyone could access a check.” – Margaret Coughlin, GM at B. Matthew’s

“As an operator that strives to maintain a current position in the marketplace, both in the eyes of the consumer and from an operational standpoint, POS systems are rapidly changing and can one can easily feel ‘behind the times.’ Because the initial investment is costly, it is critical to purchase from a provider that remains current; one that is in touch with the advancing technology. Choosing a POS provider is a very important decision when opening any retail organization, particularly if you feel that expansion is in the future…one must choose a system that can be expanded upon as technology becomes available.” – Jamie Durrence, Managing Partner, Daniel Reed Hospitality (Public Kitchen/Local 11Ten)

“Bottom line is that a POS system is only as good as the guys who train you on it and the guys who will fix it if it comes down at midnight on a busy Friday night! Even the best computer will eventually fail, freeze or fry so it boils down to how quickly they get my restaurant back up and running. You want the guys at One Stop I.T. because they get it and will get you back online quickly.” – Butch Broome, Owner, Fish Tales (Richmond Hill)